Our job was to restore the building that houses the generator and the main electrical panel for the entire Streetsville Memorial Park, which included the Hockey Arena, offices and confessions, baseball diamond lighting and the rest of the park lights.  It was falling apart cosmetically and also had flooding issues because it was nested at the bottom of a hill and didn’t have adequate drainage systems when it was built.  Lets just say it was in need of some real TLC.

We started by stripping the old brick and mortar and a general clean up of the existing building.  We then dug a trench around the footing of the building and installed weeping tile and connected it to the sump pit to create a pathway for the rainwater.   As part of the waterproofing process we also applied Sikafloor® Resoclad MRW Type II application to the mechanical room to protect it against further leaks and moisture, consisting of a thick, elastomeric waterproofing membrane and a coloured, water-based, epoxy topcoat.

For the exterior walls the restoration included installing Densglass Gold Sheathing on the surface of the walls and coated with stucco finish.